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Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with B2B Corporations, Advertising Agencies, and engaging in single-client creative projects, allowing me to address a diverse range of business needs. This experience has honed my ability to find innovative solutions and drive projects to successful outcomes. I take great satisfaction in problem-solving, and I believe that this not only benefits the project at hand but also provides me with a profound sense of accomplishment. As Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer for The South Bend Civic Theatre, I further refined my skills in creating compelling visuals and conceptualizing intricate designs. This position allowed me to showcase the incredible talent of their actors and the productions they brought to life every month. I have successfully crafted layouts for various printed materials, including posters, catalogs, brochures, and email campaigns. Moreover, I have managed high-profile advertisements in publications such as South Bend Living, DTSB, the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and leading trade magazines like Modern Material Handling and DC Velocity. Managing all printed and digital materials for fourteen facilities on a national and international scale has provided me with a global perspective and the ability to tailor designs to diverse audiences. I am proficient in designing corporate emails and websites across multiple platforms, and I possess expertise in HTML5, CSS, SEO, and CMS. Additionally, I am skilled in crafting website banners, trade-show booths, intranet icons, info-graphics for magazines, logos, and animations, as well as producing and editing short videos using the Adobe suite.


Welcome  To  My  Art   Anchor!

The Full Story

You might be wondering, "How does acrylic and epoxy pour art tie into graphic design?" The direct connection may not be obvious, but it all started during the pandemic. With my five-year-old no longer in school, I needed to reevaluate how I balanced working from home and being a present mom. I stumbled upon a mesmerizing technique on TikTok: pouring acrylic paint onto a canvas to create captivating fractals. Together with my daughter, we dove into this creative journey, experimenting and crafting until it led to the opening of an online store.

However, as the pandemic persisted and responsibilities at home grew, I made the tough decision to close the online shop and temporarily set aside my art. The financial realities of the situation demanded focus. Fortunately, with my spouse's support, I was able to re-immerse myself in my graphic design career.

This page not only traces my journey but offers you a glimpse into a deeper facet of who I am. Here, I cast aside the constraints of my everyday work to embrace change. Witnessing the unpredictable dance of colors on a canvas, and observing the convergence of nature and reality in the patterns it forms, is a liberating and serendipitous experience. It's a space where creativity knows no bounds, and where I find profound inspiration.



Acrylic Pour on wood, epoxy finish. 

1.5' X 20"

The Universe

Epoxy Pour on composite, with tiger's eye.

In a Wooden frame.

3' X 1'


Within a Universe

Epoxy Pour on hard canvas, with precious stones and natural vines and a universe image in the center. 

1.5' X 20"

Helix Nebula

Epoxy Pour on wood frame. 

6' X 3'

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