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$700 + costs for printing

Custom Art for Print: Platinum Design

Custom Art for Print: Platinum Design

Make a statement for your party with this  package!


I can make just about anything happen –– visually, so no matter how crazy it sounds, the answer will almost always be yes,
I can do that!


These invitations will include:

• Double sided design (front and back)

• One print design and three web variations for different social media platforms or your choice. 

• 20 hours of design time

• Graphics and photo-editing

• Communicating and managing the printing process by outsourcing for the printer of your choice, comparing prices and verifying quality control. If you, prefer to handle the printing process, I will deduct $100 from my fee.


Specialized fonts and Photography that you or I do not own, for your invitation, will have to be purchased separately, however, I am usually able to find work-arounds for tight budgets.

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