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A  Bit  About  Me

After College

I had ten years of Multimedia Graphic Design experience, working with B2B Corporations, Advertising Agencies, and the single client creative, for a plethora of business needs –– in and outside of the Marketing Department. I landed a job in Chicago with Interlake Mecalux after receiving my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, from the Indiana University of South Bend––illustrating complex parts from AutoCAD files, developing graphics and layouts for company magazines, catalogs, brochures, mailers, and other printed deliverables, like advertisements placed in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and top trade magazines in Chicago, such as Modern Material Handling and DC Velocity. I was responsible for all of the printed and digital materials for fourteen facilities at one time, both nationally and internationally. After three years there I moved up to a larger corporation designing and coding corporate emails managing their WordPress site, creating website banners, trade-show booths, intranet icons, logos, animations, and short video productions for Sales meetings and trade shows.

After our child

My partner and I had a baby, got married then decided to move back to my hometown, of South Bend, IN after we were informed she would be deployed one last time. So I left the big city to go where I had a huge support system. 

I freelanced odd jobs for the first 5yrs of my daughter's life and I got back in touch with other media. I missed art school and being creative with my own work. At IUSB I took classes in all of the fine arts, like lithography, manuscript arts, drawing, photography, and Art History.  Of course, the end-game was to learn the computer software for my major in Graphic Design but it took years to get to that for a good reason. Once my daughter was in Kindergarten I took my hobbies and turned them into an online store, where I created digital prints for fabrics and other goods for resale. 

My online shop includes acrylic art, the prints I make from them, and graphics; specializing in logo design, single art creatives, and party invitations.

I built this site to reflect me and everything I like to do because Graphic Designers can do anything!

 Indiana University, Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design, 2010 | 3.5 GPA

Work Experience

April 2016 - Present 

April 2013 - March 2016 

Owner/Operator of GraphicDesigner411.com by: Kara Gutierrez

  • Working with a variety of industries for signage and deliverables.

  • Helping small businesses develop an initial brand or a refreshed brand identity, including deliverables for all printing, web and video desirables.

  • Creating art with the Acrylic and Epoxy pouring techniques.

  • Making prints from the art then creating an online shop, using a print-on-demand application through my website.

Multimedia Graphic Designer for Sparton Corporation

Responsible for all print and digital materials for the corporate office and all twelve of our facilities.

  • Digital design for email, website banners, trade - show advertisements, intranet icons, logo’s, animations and video productions/edits –– collaborating with Movéo for videography.

  • Working with Marketing Coordinators for trade - show booth designs for multiple facilities and shows.

  • Digital Photography and editing was something I tackled when the budget did not allow for a professional photographer.

  • Provided video editing with clips, combining kinetic - typography and audio for various corporate functions and web applications.

  • Collaborated with Sharepoint developers in the redesigning of our corporate intranet, as well as, our career site and performance management system –– ran through Cornerstone in collaboration with all fourteen heads of Human Resources at each facility.

January 2011 — April 2013 

Graphic Designer for Interlake Mecalux LLC 

  • Illustrated complex parts from AutoCAD files, developed graphics and layouts for the company magazines, catalogs, brochures, mailers and other printed materials, created advertisements for the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and trade magazines, such as: Modern Material Handling and DC Velocity .

  • Responsible for email campaigns, fan through Mail Chimp and newsletters, using HTML and CSS.

  • Organized all marketing campaigns, files, photos, lists, and projects to coordinate the implementation of Marketing’s best practices.

  • Collaborated with our main branch in Barcelona, Spain to update information using graphics, catalogs, magazines, illustrations, white papers, and videos –– while working with our CMS, and issuu to feature our products.

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