There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

~ Milton Glaser  


I have ten years of Multimedia Graphic Design experience, working with B2B Corporations, Advertising Agencies and the single client creative, for a plethora of business needs –– in and outside of the Marketing Department. I have experience in illustrating complex parts from AutoCAD files, developing graphics and layouts for company magazines, catalogs, brochures, mailers, and other printed deliverables, like: advertisements placed in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and top trade magazines in Chicago, such as Modern Material Handling and DC Velocity. I have been responsible for all of the printed and digital materials for fourteen facilities at one time, both nationally and internationally. I have designed corporate emails using several platforms, I am proficient in Wordpress and many other CMS's. I have designed website banners, trade-show booths, intranet icons, logo’s, animations. I also have had my hand in video productions with Premiere Pro software.

I have worked with Marketing Coordinators for trade-show booth designs and exhibits. I have experience in digital photography and editing as I would often tackle that when the budget did not allow for a professional photographer. I have created many video shorts by editing provided or purchased clips, combining kinetic-typography, infographics, music and animated logos for various corporate functions and lobby videos. I have collaborated with Sharepoint developers in the redesigning of a corporate intranet, as well as, creating a corporate career site within their platform. I understand performance management systems.


I offer creativity with an understanding of clear messaging and branding. I work efficiently, as I know what tools to use for each job, and

 I love what I do. 

Kara Gutierrez

Graphic Designer

My credentials and corporate life...

My Credentials    

About  Me   

I loved living in the city of Chicago. Logan Square was my neighborhood but I would always find myself either downtown, boys-town or up in Andersonville on the weekends. I learned so much, so fast, in those eight years and I was climbing that ladder with enthusiasm in the corporate environment. Then everything changed, I met my wife who was finishing a twenty-year career in the Navy, up in North Chicago. We decided to have a baby. Then she was deployed one last time. My life changed real quick because the most important thing became our daughter and an ever-changing environment.
I decided to take my career freelance.


My specialty is wearing several hats on a low budget for small businesses. I have met so many people who want to make their own website/logo/advertisements because they either cannot afford to hire an agency or they think they can do it themselves. So, they sit down and start to open a WIX, Weebly or SHOPIFY and they realize it is harder than they think. So they want to hire a designer within whatever platform they are using and that becomes very costly because it is not based on the local average prices but national averages. Not only that they are far away and not readily available on a cell phone. That is the niché I fit. I work closely with local, small businesses with whatever hosting platform you want, to develop with you, your brand. I can help with everything: Ecommerce shoppable websites, Logo, printed materials, SEO (getting found on Google), and I can also help you learn your platform so that you can eventually take the reins on your own working website. 


Now that our daughter is almost in Kindergarten and my wife will never be deployed again,

I am ready to take on even more clients!


What I do now and why...